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Call thousands of destinations around the world
including mobiles.
Rates as low as 1 c p/minute


enter your Total Wireless phone number

$10 Global Calling Card§

10 dollar card


To make an international call, download the Total Wireless International App. Or,
call 1-908-842-2301 and when prompted, enter your international phone number in this format: 011+ Country Code + Phone Number.

  • Call thousands of destinations around the world including mobile phones.
  • Rates as low as 1 c per minute.
  • Add the Card to your current service plan at any time. Phone must be active with a Total Wireless service plan.
  • Card balance will be assigned to a phone number you choose from your account. Calls will only be permitted from phone numbers with a valid balance.
  • You can purchase more than one card and add them to any phone number in your account. Your balance on each phone will carry over to the next service month.
  • This is not a monthly card and only provides International Long Distance minutes.
  • For calls originating from the U.S. only. This card does not provide roaming service.
  • Card expires 30 days after your Last Day of Service or 180 days after the last use.